Our Mission

At Re:Defined, our mission is for every woman to remember her worth is found in the essence of who she is — to look deep within and realize her own true beauty exists not because of how she looks, what she wears, or what she does — but because of what lies within her soul.
Strength. Wisdom. Resilience. Beauty.


 Today’s fashion culture is constantly blasting our tired eyes with images of the perfect woman. She haunts us and makes us feel unworthy every time we look in the mirror in a dressing room.  We are here to Re:Define that image day after day until we are free to be the women we were created to be. Because in reality, that "perfect" woman doesn’t actually exist.

 There’s just you. And me. And all of us, really. Let’s Re:Define true beauty together for the purpose of loving the body and soul we were given this one life to dwell within. Let’s do it for your daughter. For my mama. For her sister. For your best friend. For our worst enemy. Every woman is born beautiful. We just need to remember…together.

 When you shop at Re:Defined, our hope is that you feel this mission deep within your bones. You’ll find clothes for all shapes and sizes and a judgement-free zone where you can be yourself. But more than clothes, we hope you’ll find yourself Re:Defined with a little more light in your eyes as you head out into the world to remind them what you’re made of:

 Strength. Wisdom. Resilience. Beauty.