Jenna's Story

Hey y’all!

  I’m Jenna, the founder of Re:Defined Boutique. As a lifelong lover of fashion, I was distressed in my late 20s when I couldn’t find boutique clothes to fit me even at my lowest weight (#tallgirlprobz). After I had my babies, I struggled with extreme dieting which led to an ugly eating disorder. Through my faith and professional therapy, I was able to find healing and freedom.

As I began to come out of the darkness of disordered eating and purging, I realized that my struggle to find cute boutique clothes that fit and my life story were merging into a desire to give other women the place I was looking for - a boutique that offered clothes to fit most shapes and sizes, but more importantly, a place that women could feel free to be themselves.

And so, Re:Defined Boutique was born on Black Friday 2013. Just like me, the boutique has evolved and changed over the years. While struggles with my looks come and go, I am encouraged every day to remind YOU to that we need to Re:Define our thoughts and look for the beauty that lies within. Thank you, with all of my heart, for partnering with me as we journey toward freedom together and look DANG CUTE doing it!



Me and my family in 2012, at my lowest adult weight, living with an all consuming eating disorder.
Here I am in 2020, with my daughters, before enjoying a GUILT FREE celebratory dinner to celebrate my 14th Wedding Anniversary.  The difference?  
70 lbs and SO much healthier in every way.